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My name is Levi Swartz. I am Spokane's premier Resume Writing and Career Coaching service. There are talented candidates everywhere who can't secure an interview or get the job offer, and they have no idea why! It's time for a change, which is why I opened Rise High Career Coaching.

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Who is Fighting

For the Candidates?

I see major holes in the talent acquisition process. There are so many resources available that are targeted specifically for businesses such as recruiting agencies, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and other ways of outsourcing human resource functions. These methods have become widely accepted as a progressive and feasible solution to the large issues we face in the hiring process. However, while these avenues can be terrific for business, I always seem to arrive back at one question; who out there is fighting for the candidates?

What resources are offered to candidates specifically, and who is advocating for the professionals that are struggling to find success in this challenging climate? Sadly, I have found the answer to be underwhelming.

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The Market Has Changed.

Are You Prepared For It?

To understand the current job market, we must look back a decade in time when the economy plummeted. When the economy crashed in 08′ – 09,’ many executives and hiring managers had no choice but to lay off their top earners to save themselves in the recession. This period was referred to as the “brain drain.”

Many passionate, talented, and devoted employees lost their jobs and fought for their careers. Families were torn apart, many struggled to get by, and people were forced to sell their homes, investments, and liquidate any assets they owned to pay the bills. Ten years ago was a scary time, but things have certainly changed since then.

Today’s market is hyper-competitive and highly volatile, resulting in unprecedented competition, even in surplus industries. While there are many applicants for jobs, hiring managers say there is a tremendous shortage of what they consider qualified applicants. Regardless of industry/specialty, you will always hear staffing is a major problem. Deliotte called our job market a “nuclear war for talent.” Because of this, businesses know that hiring and retaining the right people is the top priority.

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A Broken System

With An Opportunity:

The talent acquisition process hasn’t changed. It is stagnant, inefficient, and hasn’t progressed in relative proportion to other aspects of business disciplines. We have a broken system and candidates face increased challenges in an uphill battle. Advancing one’s career has debatably become an arbitrary process, and frustration is justified. In today’s climate, hiring managers solely focus on perfectly perceived candidates with well-matched resumes, crafted speaking abilities, and skilled interview finesse. It’s now more important than ever candidates stand out and leave a memorable impression.

Where there is a problem, there is an opportunity. Many professionals are not up-to-date on best practices in their job search. The days of submitting applications and waiting by the phone for work are over. A career coach expedites the process and will help you gain a competitive edge over other applicants.

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My mission statement and personal commitment to my clients is to transfer my insight, career experience, and job coaching skills to navigate through the multiple barriers of the marketplace.

Levi SwartzCareer Coach

Millennials in the Workplace

A Millennial is generally defined as someone who was born between 1981 and 1996. There are approximately 73 million Millennials in America.

We are now also the largest segment in the workforce, and are estimated to become up to 75% of the workforce by the year 2030 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics). With this rapid growth and expansion, the job seeking process has shifted into a networking endeavor where building connections has become the top priority.

Top Candidates Now Possess 3 Key Traits:

1. They are experts in job searching and networking

2. They have a profound understanding of how to connect with prospective employers.

3. They are up-to-date on current trends in their respective industry.

Click here to learn how to advance your career, crush your interviews, and leverage yourself to become the star candidate.

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Who Is A Middle Manager

A typical title for a middle manager is a Regional Manager, Division Manager, General Manager, Branch Manager, and a Department Head.

A middle manager is accountable for balancing the organization and department’s objectives and goals. Typical titles include Division, Regional, General, Branch, and other Department Managers. He/She will be responsible for delegating tasks, providing input into the overall direction, as well as managing daily operations for their entire department.

Click here if you would like to learn more about middle management and how to secure the role.

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Executives are pillars of success, growth, and leadership.

Advancing to an executive role means you go from the nuts and bolts of management to a more philosophical and psychological leadership role. You are the high tide that has to lift all of the boats! Executive positions make an impact that yields success for the company while driving followership among the teams that are engaged in the heavy lifting.

But how do you garner the requisite skills if thus far you’ve served in a management, rather than a leadership capacity? And once you do amass those capabilities, how can you demonstrate something philosophical, like leadership ability, in an interview? Click here to learn how to prepare for your executive job search, what to expect, and a few challenges you may encounter along the way.

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