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My Story:

If you are curious about my story or background, I would love to share it with you. I am very fortunate because like many great things in life, career coaching was a hidden passion that I fell into. After I helped my first client navigate through some profound challenges to land a job, I knew that coaching would be the career path for me.

I was someone who never had a fixed vocational interest, which led me to being a job hopper, and truthfully, I hated this about myself. I always wished that I had more consistency in my career, but each time I felt like I started to get a firm grasp on my position and the functions, I would be on to the next job learning something else. In hindsight, I believe it was blessing in disguise. I have been employed and received countless job offers from various industries with different skill and educational requirements for each. Because I didn’t have any experience in the industries I would change to, it was imperative that I was perceived as the “perfect candidate.” I knew that the ONLY way I would receive the job offer was if I crushed the entire process every time due to competing with 50, 100, 150 candidates who possessed highly desirable qualifications in their respective fields. Throughout the years, I believe that I have mastered the system, and would like to teach others the skills and insights I’ve ascertained along the way.

What I have found is that regardless of how high you sit in the chain of command, the talent acquisition process truly is a skill that is learned over time through experience. I offer proven results in helping professionals ranging from frustrated college graduates to highly respected, senior level executives. The challenging part is that many people simply are not seeking a new job all of the time. Subsequently, this makes it a difficult process to learn due to maintaining current knowledge on hiring trends and best practices. I help expedite your job search and empower you to showcase your skills, talents, and abilities to achieve your highest potential.

That’s why I am hitting the pavement for you, The Candidate! What my business means to me is more than just about helping you find another job, or nailing an interview, or making more money. It’s about building the confidence in my clients to chase after the opportunities they deserve, not only in the workplace, but in life.

Our working life is SO short. Let’s collaborate to make the most out of your career and enjoy continued success for the years to come.



Levi Swartz