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My hourly rate for individual coaching is $95, which is invoiced in partial-hour increments. Please note that there is no commitment to a certain number of hours or the packaging of services. My own mission is to provide my clients with the guidance and tools needed to succeed in this job market, and you are welcome to establish a budget. Through diligent research, I project that roughly 25% of my clients will be paid for by others, most often parents or caring friends – ask them for a birthday or graduation present that will be an investment in your future!


My core objective is ensuring the best returns on your investment. Most of us are on a budget and don’t have much extra spending money. I recognize this, which is why our work together will not be limited to session time. I actively manage my cases, and on average I devote 7-10 hours of time that you are not billed for to assess, reflect, research, and gather resources between sessions to help us sustain momentum. I offer highly customized sessions that are designed and continually tailored to suit (pun intended) your personality, learning style, personal process, and preferences. I am very flexible in respect to scheduling and location. My work with clients is 100% confidential and I serve professionals of all ages and industries.


Payer sources include credit, debit, checks, online bank payments, or cash. If you have another method of payment in mind, feel free to let me know because I am open to the discussion. Payments will be collected prior to our meeting. To pay, I will e-mail you an invoice upon request. In many cases, career coaching services are tax deductible; check with your tax professional.


I also serve many clients outside of the Spokane, WA area. In these instances, coaching sessions via phone, Skype, and e-mail have proven to be effective. This is one of the tremendous advantages to career coaching. When utilizing these services, you are not confined to finding a coach in your own geographical area. This way, you are offered abundance in choice to research and make the most informed decision possible.


If we determine working together would be a mutual fit, you will have the support and accountability to reach your goals. I give out homework each session that I expect to be completed. Together, we will expedite your job search, negotiate the salary that you deserve, and develop the tools need to gain an edge over other applicants in the job market.


To save you time and money, I will attach my intake forms below. Please submit it, along with your resume at least 24 hours prior to your free consultation. This way, I can personalize our meeting immediately. The best way to send your resume would be to e-mail it to Levi.swartz93@gmail.com