Client Testimonials


“I will try to keep this short, but I know that it will not be. I cannot begin to describe how thankful I am that I met Levi when I did. I worked for a manufacturing company in my last job for years, but was ultimately let go along with a handful of other good men. I was sad, but knew it was important to move forward and find new work. To my surprise, securing a good job was much more difficult than I had anticipated. In the first few months, I must have applied to over one hundred jobs, and went to many interviews. I received a few job offers, but they were not anything I wanted to do. As the months passed, I was not seeing success and started to worry, so I began applying to minimum wage jobs for an income. Every interview I went on I was told that I was “overqualified” or they would “be in touch” and give me a call, which never happened. At this point, I had been unemployed for over a year and accepted that my lack of success was age discrimination. I am a few years away from retirement, and being unemployed for so long when work was readily available in the past was a terrible feeling. I knew that I needed help with finding a job. When I met Levi, I could immediately tell that he was a sharp young man. He was inquisitive and asked great questions. However, he told me that he did not have any experience with getting anyone jobs in my industry. He said that he would need to be guided along the way in order to understand what I do, and this made me very skeptical. I wondered how he could possibly help me in my career if he had no knowledge of my field. But, Levi insisted that the “art” of the job search was a process, and it was the same for all industries across. I decided to put my trust in him and we worked together Levi asked about my career interests, and what I wanted to do for work. I mentioned having an interest in a local engineering company for quite some time. A position opened up and I decided to apply for it a few weeks prior, and did not hear anything. I applied a few times over the years but never had any success in hearing back. When Levi heard this, he immediately wanted to build a plan to follow up. He guided me along the way, and we got an interview with the company. We spent hours preparing, and after a 3 week process with multiple interviews, I was extended the job offer with the company. I had gone from seeking minimum wage, to a salary of near $40,000 with over 100 hours of vacation upfront at one of the most respected companies in my sector. What Levi helped me with was more than career advice or interview tips. He helped me regain my independence and the confidence in myself that I had been searching for in the job market. Levi is a true professional and is in a very rare breed. He is results-driven, focused, and taught me things I have never seen or heard before. To the group of tired and discouraged job seekers who can relate to my story, make the decision and speak with Levi, so he may touch your life too.”




“I’ve known Levi for years and when he puts his mind toward achieving something, his resolve in seeing the process through with the desired results is unrelenting and highly effective. Myself being a college graduate with an accounting degree from a highly accredited university, found it very disheartening after several years where I had to settle for being underpaid doing multiple jobs that I was over-qualified for in terms of academic qualifications. This included working for two different banks where I felt I was treated more like a cog in a system rather than a valued employee with potential to grow as an individual & business professional. After enough time interviewing for innumerable accounting field positions and seeing no results simply because I “didn’t have the experience” or they had “found a more qualified applicant” (and that was just for the ones that would actually would call me back), I knew I had to switch it up and try something new. After working with Levi I realized that it wasn’t the academic qualification holding me back, it wasn’t even the work experience I was lacking. Rather, it was the fact that I was a highly qualified individual who just didn’t know how to properly present my value within an interview context. Levi invested his personal time with me, showing me how it was the intricate levels of details that really mattered, & to be honest, it was the research as well. In a world, that although has advanced in various ways, as far as the job market is concerned we still have myriads of employers who are stuck in the “old interview mindset” of hiring the most impressive or “ideal” candidates, rather than the ones who are truly going to be make the best employees as far as being contributors, growth focused, and willing to learn. Long story short, I entrusted my time in Levi’s services and he did not disappoint. Putting in the research and time, as well as being willing to constantly return to the drawing board with me, he taught me what it takes to get the job I not only was qualified for, but truly desired. Ultimately, through submitting myself to his process and trusting in his solid principles, teaching, and expertise, I am happy to say that today I’m finally working for an awesome accounting firm, adding value to myself and others each day I’m there. I highly recommend Levi’s services to anyone who can relate to my experiences of frustration and yearning to do more with themselves. Or really just anyone willing to try something new and get the desired results.”

Thanks for listening to my story & best of luck to you going forward,

Nicholas C. Coleck – Staff Accountant


Levi is a knowledgeable career coach who is passionate about helping people succeed in their careers. Levi has helped me to gain valuable insights into both career coaching and the HR profession. What I admire most about Levi is his high level of integrity as well as his energetic approach to coaching. I highly recommend Levi to anyone seeking assistance in their career!”

Skye Mercer, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CDMS – HR Consultant


“Levi is incredibly knowledgeable and has a way of helping build clarity and create goals through casual conversation. It has been so easy to share a vision and have Levi offer suggestions and create strategies to put it into action. I’m looking forward to using the skills I have and using the techniques Levi has provided to focus on the end goal…GROWTH in my role as a leader.”

Dr. Emily Reilly, DHSc, MSOTR/L, ECHM – Director of Therapy


“Levi will help you optimize and create an amazing resume as well as coaching for your interview. Some people may say they don’t have the money to take up a service like this, but i would argue not having the position you are running for will cost you SO MUCH more than paying for systems that will yield you the job you want. Very worthwhile in my opinion.
Dr. Berdan – Licensed Chiropractor 

“What impresses me the most about Levi is his resilience and passion for his clients. He will literally do whatever it takes to make sure they are set up for success. I once heard that he snuck into our staff lunchroom past security to introduce himself to one of our department heads after being told that she wasn’t available by the front desk. I mean who does that?! His coaching was both thought provoking and refreshing. I highly recommend his services.”

Will Milliken – Director of Operations


“Levi is highly skilled and outstanding in career coaching. He has the Art of listening and analyzing what you need to do in order to be successful in your career endeavors. He has a comprehensive plan from resume building, research and interviewing to prepare you to find the job of your dreams.” – JM

Julie Meadowcroft, BSN, RN, CHPN – Director of Business Development


“Levi did a great job he was communicative on time and very diligent to make sure my resume was professional and on point to execute my job strategies i cant say enough good about this service i will be definitely using it again if need be he is highly recommended…”

Jeremy Dison – CDL Truck Driver


“Levi has a very unique perspective that helped me conquer challenges that I faced when I was looking for work. It’s so hard searching online and not being able to leave a truly personal impression on potential employers, especially since it seems like that’s the only way to go about applying now. I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to work with him and improve my resume to really stand out. Plus, we had quite a few laughs spending time together, so it was good to have a fun aspect to it as well. I would definitely recommend him if you’ve been struggling in your job search. 10/10!”

Andrew Carter – Delivery Driver


“I have known Levi for several years and he has many great qualities including his substantial heart for helping people achieve their goals. Levi has a positive mindset that allows his perspective to grow and consider different aspects. Levi has helped me achieve personal goals of mine; which he had done in a genuine, unique, and enjoyable way. He has provided me exceptional service and advice. I HIGHLY recommend Levi!”

Rachael C. – Wrestling Coach


“Levi has a very unique perspective of the job market and he brings that perspective along with a friendly attitude and a drive to help people reach their full potential highly recommended!”

Tyler Dotson – Board Certified Behavior Analyst


“Levi went above and beyond in his review of my resume. He gave me excellent tips and pointers. I was able to feel much more confident in my resume and my skills. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Lindsey Weed – Washington State DDA Case Manager


“For anybody who reads this, I have worked with a lot of other places and they normally just want to see your resume and see if you are finding a job. Levi, within three weeks gave me the ability to secure a job within the time I had been looking for a few months. Honestly, he is one of the best people I’ve ever worked with, and I will recommend his services for anybody who needs help in their career.”

A.M. – Service Technician 


“Levi is a hardworking individual that will go all out to help you fix and/or create your resume. He dedicates time needed to go over what changes could be made to help land you a job.”

Andrea Walsh – Para educator


“Levi was a wealth of knowledge and did a fantastic job on my resume and cover letter. I have not had to make one in a long time, so I didn’t know where to even start. I knew it would be a good idea to find someone to help with this, and I’m glad I used Levi. He went back to the drawing board as many times as it took to make sure I was completely satisfied, and he even drove to me! The whole process was smooth, and he was responsive during the whole process. Not to mention he was the only resume guy that actually picked up the phone!!! Make the smart decision to call him, it was worth every penny.”

John R – CDL Truck Driver


“Levi is a very brilliant man with a passion to help others succeed. I have to say that his attention to detail is one of his biggest skills that I noticed when we revamped my resume together. Levi has a good attitude and in my opinion can help anyone that is in need of Career coaching. Give him a shot and you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Levi for your hard work and dedication to help me.”

 Mike C. – Diesel Technician


“Levi did an outstanding job preparing my resume. His work is outstanding and I highly recommend him.”

 Paul T. – Machine Operator


“I did not have my resume, as I lost it when I moved. Levi did an amazing job building me a new resume. He was also very quick. It only took him a few days, and I have been working for over 30 years. I definitely would have him help you if you are looking for career help.”